Property Investment & Construction

Whenever you are thinking about buy to let, HMO Property, flipping house, extend, re-finance, commercial conversion, holidays accommodations, here are 5 reasons why you should take into consideration investment into your property:


Historically, the risk of investing in property is minimized by the length of time you spend investing, holding capital in the property. Typically, the longer that you hold on to a property, the more time it can build capital growth. In terms of Buy-to-Let, it also offers more opportunities for building rental income, which can have a huge impact on a long-term strategy. It’s a much more tangible asset that allows you to maximise several different income streams.

Flexibility in Financial Planning

Property investment is particularly good for creating a solid financial plan for the future. Whether it’s supplementing a pension, building up to early retirement or creating a legacy for your children’s future, the dual streams of capital growth and rental yields create passive income and long-term capital. Being a property investor gives you control – allowing you to choose your own strategy, your own location and the demographics of the tenant that you want to target. By working with property managers or lettings agents, you can allow them to handle the administration while you plan your next investment.

Accessible Asset Class

Residential property is arguably the most accessible investment class out there. It’s always wise to do your own research and seek professional advice whatever your chosen investment vehicle may be, however, the key terminology, fundamentals and components to the property as an accessible asset class don’t require the same level of market knowledge and you certainly don’t need to be Warren Buffet to create and understand property investment.

Wealth Generation

Making money is one of the most popular reasons for investing in property. There’s no doubt that wealth generation continues to be at the forefront of investor’s minds, whether it’s for securing a comfortable retirement, building a second stream of income, diversifying a portfolio or creating additional financial security.

Are you a property owner thinking about how to secure your future? We will advice the best option for you

Joint Venture & Partnership or Standard Service Package which includes:

Client Brief & Planning advice (more info)

• Feasibility Study, Site Assessment & Policy Review (more info)

• Pre – Application Enquiry, Prior Approval, Planning Applications & Appeals (more info)

• Environmental Surveys & Reports (more info)

• Heritage & Conservation Statements & Reports (more info)

• Life-Cycle Cost Analysis – ROI (more info)

• Architectural Design and Drawings (more info)

• Building Regulations (more info)

• Energy Performance (more info)

• Construction Drawings, Specifications, Schedules & Material take off (more info)

• Party Wall Surveys (more info)

• Structural Surveys, Design & Calculations (more info)

• Civil Engineering, Drainage & Highway Design (more info)

• Geotechnical Assessment & Investigations (more info)

• Design & Construction Project Management (more info)

• RIBA Plan of work & NHBC Warranty (more info)

• Turnkey Services (more info)