Land Promotion & Land Assembly

We create value from land, which benefits not only the landowners and developers but also adds value to the local community and the surrounding built environment. We design financially sustainable places, which are environmentally healthy to live and visually attractive to visit.

• We are only paid by results: No Win – No Fee. Landowners and agents choose us because we maximise land value while keeping costs down and overheads to a minimum. By only sharing in the final land sale receipt, our team and the landowner have the same incentive to secure the best bid.

• Most often we use Land-promotion agreements which avoid the drawbacks of traditional options that lock the land into a single buyer and depress its value. We take each site to the open market to get the best bid because our interests are fully aligned with our partner landowners.

• Other options (more info)


An experienced member of our team will undertake a desktop study to review the site in the context of the Local Plan, plus relevant local and national planning policy and precedent. We are always honest and upfront about this assessment because it’s not in anyone’s interest to go ahead if there’s a limited chance of success.

We produce a simple report to explain what we think the chances of gaining planning consent are and what we think the key points for consideration are as well as the correct strategy for applying for planning.


If you would like us to assess a site for you, please complete this enquiry form and be sure to give us your phone number.

Are you land owner? We offer free initial site assessment