Client Brief & Planning advice

Briefing requirements will vary from project to project depending on scale and need. Also, some aspects will be dictated by local authority regulations, planning requirements and conservation restrictions

We offer our client’s valuable and quick planning advice when deciding what potential a property has to extend or to be converted. We also advise how best to obtain planning permission in the quickest and most cost-effective way.

Initial Client Questions:

Full contact details of client – address, phone number, email

Full site address

Details of any other important parties in the design process

About your client:

Describe your current home. What do you like and dislike about it? What is missing, and what would you change.

What kind of ideas do you have about design and / or materials? Do you have any images from magazines/internet that show us a style that you like?

Are there any particular design features that are important to you?

What kind of style do you require for the project e.g. contemporary, traditional, industrial, bold, elegant, minimal etc.

Do you have any specific materials or surfaces in mind that you would like to see included in the project?

Do you have specific time requirements for the project to be complete?

Do you have any specific accessibility requirements, for example is anyone in your family disabled or do you have any regular visitors that would have special needs?

Do you have any specific considerations toward sustainability and energy efficiency – is there a particular system you would like to use: i.e., solar panels etc.

How much time and energy would you be willing to invest to maintain your home?

What are your budget requirements?

About the site:

Why did you choose this site?

Is there anything about the site that you particularly like or dislike?

Are there any views within the site that are particularly important to you?

About the occupants:

How many people will be living in the new home?

Do you foresee new additions to the home (ie children)

Are there any pets that will need to be accommodated?

About the lifestyle:

Describe your lifestyle and the kind of spaces that you need? For example, work from home, entertain often, etc

How much time do you spend in the different areas of your home (indoors and outdoors)?

What type of entertainment systems do you require? Music, TV, projectors, speakers throughout the house?

What type of storage do you require? Specific hobbies that require lots of storage space? Large wardrobe space?

Indoor spaces:

Number of floors / rooms / spaces and use for each?

Are there any particular areas that are to be more private that others? Or particular rooms that you would like to be connected?

Do you have any preferred room layouts/relationships or orientations – a south facing kitchen for example.

Outdoor spaces:

Do you have any specific ideas or plans for the outside spaces that you would like us to con-sider?

Specific questions for clients looking to extend or renovate current homes:

What would you like to see in your newly extended/renovated home that it currently lacks?

What additional areas / functions / activities will be housed in the new proposed space?

Do you have any particular preferences to the relationship between the rooms? Would you be happy to reconsider the internal layout?