Civil Engineering, Drainage & Highway Design

Drainage strategies are now an essential requirement during planning no matter the size of the development.

We deal with statutory undertakers (Severn Trent Water, Anglian Water etc.) to obtain the consent to build near of existing sewers or over existing sewers or to divert

Other services will be provided if required by statutory undertakers:

Private Access Design

We offer planning access layouts for small developments, providing external levels

Adoptable Standards

We offer detailed design through to S278, S184 and S38 applications.

Private Car Park Design

We offer planning access layouts for small developments, inline with Part M

Swept Path Exercise

We use modelling software to provide Swept path drawings suitable for planning.

Junction Design

Provide junction design for new private access including vis-splay design based on ATC in-formation

Drop Kerb Application (S184)

We provide a drop kerb application service, ensuring the construction is inline with authority requirements

Transport Assessments/Statements are required alongside planning applications, where proposals may have an impact on the highway network. CTP have provided high quality Transport Assessments for clients which have successfully been granted planning permission.