Bespoke / Self – Build Homes

5 Reasons for self-build home:

1.Tailored to your needs.

Your home will fit your exact needs and preferences. A self-build home is a perfect way to create a one-off house, tailored to your specific lifestyle and requirements.

2.Adjusted cost of maintenance, SMART solutions

But the benefits of self-build don’t end there. Self-building provides the opportunity to create a low-maintenance home designed to change with you as your needs change. It can also give you scope to design an energy-efficient, money-saving features from the outset. You can add the latest home technology or sustainability measures at the design stage

3.You can usually build something bigger than you could buy for the same money

4. Flexibility – Choose DIY or hands-off approach whenever you want

Self-build does not mean that you will be the one on-site, roughing it in a draughty caravan, digging foundation trenches or laying bricks yourself. There are numerous self-build routes available and the one you choose should depend on how much spare time you have, your budget and your skillset — from building your house on a DIY basis or acting as your own project manager to a completely hands-off approach through a full package supplier.

The majority of self-builders choose to be much more involved in the creative process, taking part in the design stages, choosing tradespeople and deciding on finishing touches.

5.Money, money, money. Well designed projects save your money.

  • You could save up to 30% on the market value

  • You can typically enjoy a 25% profit on your investment


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Service Package Includes

Client Brief & Planning advice

• Feasibility Study, Site Assessment & Policy Review

• Pre – Application Enquiry, Planning Applications & Appeals

• Environmental Surveys & Reports

• Heritage & Conservation Statements & Reports

• Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)– ROI (more info)

Architectural Design and Drawings

• Context Analysis (more info)

Fengshui Principles & Healthy Living Philosophy (more info)

Interior Design and Visualisation (more info)

Off Grid Living Option. Sustainable Infrastructure & Healthy Materials (more info)

Landscape Design & Boundary Treatment (more info)

Building Regulations

• Energy Performance

• Construction Drawings, Specifications, Schedules & Material take off

• Party Wall Surveys

• Structural Surveys, Design & Calculations

• Civil Engineering, Drainage & Highway Design

• Geotechnical Assessment & Investigations

• Project Management

• RIBA Plan of work & NHBC Warranty (more info)

Turnkey Services