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Who we are

Help 2 Live Group – is a multidisciplinary Consultancy which is driven by Sustainable Vision,  Passion, Creativity and Experience. By connecting seemingly unrelated phenomena we aim to create Healthy, Emotionally Sustainable and Visually Aesthetic Environment – Minimalistic Luxury &  Sustainable Excellence.

Our enthusiastic and collaborative team of multicultural specialists: architects, planners, designers, engineers and wellbeing consultants provide a diverse range of services to the construction industry and private sector.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create value from land, which benefits not only the landowners but also adds value to local community and the surrounding built environment. To design financially sustainable places for people which are environmentally healthy to live and visually attractive to visit.

Core Principles



To design and build high level of comfort “niche” lifestyle environment and create healthy housing delivery model for the people who value personal wellbeing and natural environment.