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What makes us different?

  • We deliver an outstanding client service through excellence in design by creating inspiring and healthy sustainable architecture solutions that are sensitive to both clients’ needs and the sites historical, cultural and environmental context.
  • Whilst health & wellbeing are the most important factors, we strive to work within the budget to resolve all of the key planning constraints and deliver healthy buildings and attractive places that are functional to use, have a high level of comfort, outstanding quality of workmanship, are operationally efficient, easy to maintain and have a minimal impact on the environment, at all stages of their life cycle.
  • We pride ourselves on outstanding dedication to our “niche” clients, and always strive to deliver professional, inspiring designs and top-quality service.​

What do we do?



We have 15 years of international experience in a number of sectors including Hospitality, Commercial, Leisure, Sports, Residential and Cultural Place Making. We specialise in:



Our Works


Our holistic approach means that, during the planning stage, we identify and eliminate environmental factors that could be detrimental to your health.

We design buildings and spaces that people love to live in, creating conditions that are led by lifestyle and which enhancing the property’s value. We provide a complete solution for developers, owners and landlords, maximising the potential of portfolios, and delivering commercially successful buildings.
By looking after the health and wellbeing of the final users of our spaces we can help community wellbeing. All our services are packed into suitable and flexible packages to ensure full satisfaction of our client.


Health is Wealth


We create value from land, which benefits not only the landowners but also adds value to local community and the surrounding built environment. We design financially sustainable places for people which are environmentally healthy to live and visually attractive to visit.

“There is no greater honour than being rewarded for your passion, which adds value to other people’s life. Whether it is financial or emotional reward it fulfils our soul and motivates us to grow. We provide consultancy services and promote eco, healthy and sustainable solutions. We assist on healthy community relative projects.”
Tomas Gurcinas

Creative CEO, Help2Live


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